Taking your pet on holiday abroad or moving aboard can be exciting for both you and your pet but there is a lot to plan for and think about prior to the travelling day. There are many factors to consider including when and where you are travelling, for how long and if you are planning to return to the UK.
Each country both inside and outside of the EU has different rules and regulations regarding travelling to and from their country. These rules change continuously so often the easiest place to start looking for information is by contacting the UK Government Pet Travel Scheme Helpline on 0370 241 1710 or by email pettravel@ahvla.gsi.gov.uk or visit the website at https://www.gov.uk/pet-travel-information-for-pet-owners.
Here there will be plenty of information about the particular country you wish to travel to and then we at Kings Veterinary Centre can help you from there.
At Kings Veterinary Centre all of our veterinary surgeons are government registered official veterinarians and are therefore authorized to carry out rabies vaccinations, fitness to travel checks and issue pet passports. The very minimum your pet will require prior to travelling is to be micro-chipped, be vaccinated against rabies and have a pet passport all of which can be easily done in a consultation here at Kings Veterinary Centre.
When travelling abroad with your pet it is also vital to consider the different infections and parasites your pet will be encountering in the foreign country. Some foreign diseases and parasites can be fatal to your pet so it is important to plan your pet’s preventative healthcare well before travelling abroad.
​Speak to one of our staff today and we will help you get your pet ready for their travels.